Finding the perfect wedding dress is a cherished moment for every bride-to-be. With numerous options available, it’s essential to choose a reliable and reputable bridal retailer. In recent years, David’s Bridal has gained attention due to significant changes in its business operations, including bankruptcy filings and store closures. This article aims to provide an unbiased analysis of David’s Bridal as a place to buy a wedding dress, considering both its advantages and potential drawbacks.

David’s Bridal Bankruptcy and Store Closures

It is important to acknowledge recent news reports from reputable sources such as CNN and Bloomberg, highlighting David’s Bridal’s financial struggles. The company has filed for bankruptcy for the second time, and as a result, they have closed around 100 stores nationwide. These developments have raised concerns among prospective brides who may be hesitant to entrust their wedding dress purchase to a retailer with uncertain stability.

Price Discrepancy and Service

One aspect that brides often consider when choosing a wedding dress is the price range offered by various retailers. David’s Bridal is known for its advertisements promoting $99 wedding gowns. However, it is worth noting that many brides have reported that the majority of dresses available at David’s Bridal are priced much higher, often exceeding $1200. Such discrepancies can lead to disappointment and frustration, as brides may feel misled by the initial price point advertised.

Additionally, while David’s Bridal has a wide selection of dresses, some brides have expressed dissatisfaction with the overall service provided. With the closure of numerous stores, the retailer’s ability to offer personalized attention and a comfortable shopping experience may be compromised. Local bridal shops, on the other hand, often provide more intimate settings and personalized assistance, creating a more memorable experience for brides-to-be.

Exploring Local Alternatives

For brides seeking better service and a wider range of unique and designer dresses, exploring local bridal shops may be a viable option. Stores such as Something White, Gallery Gowns, and Radiant Bride have gained positive reputations for their exceptional customer service and curated collections. These local boutiques often carry dresses from renowned designers, providing brides with a chance to find a dress that truly matches their vision for their special day.

Reselling Considerations

Another aspect to consider when purchasing a wedding dress is its potential resale value. Many brides choose to sell their dresses after the wedding to recoup some of their investment. Unfortunately, it has been reported that wedding gowns bought from David’s Bridal may be challenging to resell at a satisfactory price. Conversely, dresses from designers found in local bridal stores often have a higher resale value, with brides being able to sell them for up to 50% of the original purchase price.


When considering where to purchase a wedding dress, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of different retailers. While David’s Bridal has faced recent challenges, including bankruptcy filings and store closures, it still offers a wide selection of dresses. However, the advertised price discrepancies, potential service limitations, and resale value concerns make it necessary for brides-to-be to explore alternative options.

Local bridal shops, such as Something White, Gallery Gowns, and Radiant Bride, have gained positive reputations for their exceptional service, unique designer collections, and the potential for higher resale value. Ultimately, every bride deserves to have a memorable and stress-free dress shopping experience, and exploring local alternatives may provide a more personalized and rewarding journey.